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Monday, September 26, 2005

Newport to Fishguard

Monday morning and second day on the trail... feeling every muscle in my body after the previous day's 24 km. Task for today was a 20km walk from Newport to Fishguard via Dinas Island. The walk started off with us exploring the other side of Newport which we had not previously seen. It's a very nice town, and some cute little cottages available for weekly rent... must keep them in mind for the future.

As we passed through the edge of the village we saw fishermen actually catching fish (and releasing them), and beyond that a surfer who was struggling because the waves were'nt moving fast enough! The water was quite calm, and the sky was overcast and dull, though it was not cold. Just then beyond the surfer Tom spied a black fin... was it a shark or a dolphin? It proved to be not one, but at least 3 bottle nosed dolphins which frolicked about for about 5 minutes and then moved on to who knows where, not to be seen (by us anyway) for the remainder of the day. This was the highlight of the day!

We coped with the walk today, but it seemed more difficult as we were still suffering a little from the day before. Also it was windy... very windy, and by the end of the day we really needed to get indoors out of the weather. After reaching lower Fishguard we had a quick refreshement at The Ship whilst waiting for our bus, and then caught the bus back to Newport.

That evening it rained, and rained, and rained. Mrs Evans kindly dropped us down to the town so that we could get some dinner. Tonight was a very good choice of "authentic" welsh Indian food at the Royal Oak. We were well satisfied!


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